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Robert Darke - Dartmouth

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luscious LAMB


We work with and support a number of excellent farmers across Devon, including Robert Darke of Dartmouth (pictured below with Master Butcher Philip and his youngest son Oscar). Robert is one of the top sheep breeders in the country and regularly wins awards for the quality of his lamb.

lamb-dartmouth-darts-farm-600-700SECOND NATURE

He supplies us with lambs of provenance and we’ve built a relationship of great trust over many years.

In addition, Philip often buys exceptional lamb from the live auction at Exeter Market, and says:

‘I take my time, walking up and down the rows and handling the lambs to feel the depth of meat and fat cover, while looking at how well they’re kept. I’ve been around livestock since I was ten, so it’s second nature to me – and, as you can see, I'm already teaching the next generation the skills of being a Master Butcher.’

lamb-noisette-darts-600-700LAMB NOISETTES

Lamb noisette is a premium cut in which the eye of the loin is completely boned out and then stuffed with a variety of flavours for an attractive, contemporary way with lamb. We sell this either as a piece or cut into slices.

lamb-chop-darts-farm-devon-600-700SIMPLE BUT SPECIAL

Lamb doesn't have to mean Sunday roasts or Saturday night dinner parties ...

Something as simple and beautiful as the humble lamb chop is a sensational dish on any day of the week. Just add a sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden and the season's best mushrooms to turn simple into special.


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