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June on the Farm



On the farm, Jack and the team are handpicking our summer crops, such as baby spinach, rhubarb and lettuce, each morning.

Our runner beans and spring onions have been grown from seed in our greenhouse and have now been planted into our rich, fertile Devon soil.


And it's not only our summer veg that has been planted, the seeds for our sunflowers and pumpkins have been sown for pick-your-own later this the year!

Photo - Robbie & Jonas planting our pumpkin seeds

Raking_Clover_Darts_Farm_Devon_600x700RAKING & BAILING

The team have also been busy raking & bailing clover, which will be used to feed our Ruby Red cattle at times of the year when they can't get full nutrients from fresh pasture.

Why Clover?

Rather than growing a monoculture of rye grass, we plant clovers & mixed species. Clover is renowned for it’s ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere & the diversity of plant species is great for our soil & biodiversity. Not only this, but it is higher in protein & easier to digest for our Rubies.

Earlier in the year, this field was grazed by sheep, and at some point it will be used once again to grow delicious vegetables for our Food Hall & Restaurant.

To grow & rear natural, healthy & nutritious food it’s important to let land rest, to rotate it’s purpose and to integrate livestock.

This type of self sufficient, circular farming is something we’ve done for generations but is under threat as modern farms become bigger & more specialised.

By supporting small-scale family farms who follow regenerative principles we can create a better place for nature, produce healthier food and enrich our communities with skilled, people-centric jobs. Oh, and it tastes so good too!

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