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6 New Things To Get Excited About

Chalkstream Troutchalkstream-dartsfarm-devon-600x700

The team at Chalkstream grow the finest English trout on the world-famous Test & Itchen Rivers in Hampshire. Each fish is slow grown for 2 years in the fast-flowing pure chalk stream waters that have been described as ‘Heaven on Earth for rearing Trout’. Their artisan-led approach ensures the fish are nurtured from hatchling to harvest using the best quality diet and highest standards of husbandry. The result is the most lean, clean tasting trout you’ll ever taste… our favourite is the Hot Smoked which is dry cured in salt and demerara sugar and kiln smoked over sustainably sourced oak.


David Holton & Tim Jarvis make this superbly soft and rich marinated cheese based on a Persian Feta recipe that David learned in Australia. Their dairy is on Common Work Organic Farm, where they graze a herd of Holstein Friesians crossed with Swedish Red and Montbeliarde cattle. The milk provides the perfect balance of butter fat and proteins, ideal for creating a super-creamy, fresh cheese. The Graceburn is broken by hand into small chunks and steeped in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and rapeseed oil, infused with thyme, garlic, bay and pepper.

Maison Marc Cornichmaison-marc-dartsfarm-devon-600x700ons

In the 1970s, France had a vibrant latticework of Cornichon farms, all growing pickles for large cooperatives. However, in the early 2000s, in the face of globalisation, the large industrials relocated production to Asia and French farms began to disappear. Today, father and son Florent and Henri are the last remaining Cornichon producers in France. The pickles grown on their 20-hectare pesticide & herbicide free farm are hand picked and hand sorted before being jarred without any artificial preservatives. These crunchy, aromatic gherkins are a showstopper for any artisan picnic or the ultimate foodie gift.

Bungay Raw Butterbungay-butter-dartsfarm-devon-600x700

Bungay Raw Butter is made by Jonny Crickmore of Fen Farm Dairy, where they make the infamous Baron Bigod brie. The UK’s only raw cultured butter, it is made on the farm in the traditional way, by souring the cream using a cocktail of lactic bacteria before churning and hand-paddling. Jonny handpicks Montbeliarde cattle from Jura, France and grazes them on the wildlife rich Fenn. They produce a small amount of milk but its rich and high in protein, producing beautifully creamy and complex flavours.





laperla-dartsfarm-devon-600x700La Perla Mozzarella

Our new Buffalo Mozzarella arrives fresh each week from the Piano del Sele, Southern Italy. The wet marshy pastures that surround the River Sele are perfect for grazing water buffalo and the area is renowned for producing the best mozzarella in the world. The curds are spun to create the velvety texture that holds the milk and the balls are then put straight into the ‘Liquido Del Governo’, the mixture of whey, water and salt that protects them on their journey. Serve alongside sliced Isle of Wight tomatoes, fresh basil and Calogiuri Affiorato extra virgin olive oil for the ultimate caprese salad.

harbour-dartsfarm-devon-600x700Harbour Brewing Co.

The beer brewed by Harbour Brewing Co. epitomises the Cornish lifestyle, from the dark, warming stout after a wintery November surf to the summer-BBQ citrus-burst of an Ellensberg IPA. Each beer Harbour brew is a product of their environment, inspired by BBQ competitions, foreign surf trips or a newly discovered pint drunk the night before. If this year has taught us anything, it’s to enjoy the simple things in life, and sometimes there’s nothing better that to share great beer with friends.


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