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Here's a selection of our favourite healthy products, guaranteed to improve your wellness and sustain your body and mind.



It’s all about that natural fizz!

Full of antioxidants and vitamins, Kombucha is made by fermenting tea with a mother culture known as the ‘SCOBY’. The live probiotics from the SCOBY are brilliant for good gut health and give Kombucha its zingy, refreshing, sour fizz.
Our favourite, ‘Kombucha 365’, is made just down the road in Exeter, by Nutritionist Tamara Bennett.




Start the day the right way

Raw Press’ Granolas are the ultimate breakfast cereal. Its jam-packed with functional, feel good ingredients and adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural substances such as herbs and roots that help the body adapt to stress, fight fatigue and regulate hormones.

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Handcrafted by Mike

Full of minerals, nutrients and heart-healthy fats whilst free from refined sugar, preservatives and added oil - Nutcessity is high in fibre and a great source of protein.
Each jar of nut butter contains carefully selected ingredients…
- Cashews; a great source of magnesium, essential for regulating the metabolism of fat and carbs, helping weight loss
- Coconut; high in MTC fats; a fat which the body uses immediately rather than storing as body fat
- Dates; loaded with healthy fibres and B vitamins.
- Coffee; unbeknown to many, it contains many essential nutrients including magnesium, potassium and riboflavin, all of which help body function and cell growth.
- Walnuts; rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to prevent conditions such as cancer, heart-disease and arthritis.


An apple a day...

Containing the mother yeast, Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC) is packed with heathy probiotic bacteria which is great for your gut and helps to boost your metabolism which aids weight loss. A natural anti-inflammatory it is also brilliant for those suffering with Arthritis. A shot a day will help to keep the doctor away! Find out more here.

Body & Mind CANNABIS TEABody_And_Mind_CBD_Tea_Darts_Farm_Exeter_600x700

All the benefits, without the high!

CBD is one health trend were particularly excited about this year. CBD has been shown to improve sleep, relieve stress, anxiety and low moods and also to act as a natural anti-inflammatory which can help with swelling and pain relief. Body and Mind botanicals extract CBD from hemp plants grown on certified organic farms to create their Cannabis Tea. It can be found in both loose leaf and biodegradable teabags – a great way of getting your daily dose of CBD!

EATEN ALIVE KIMCHIeaten_alive_kimchi_darts_farm_devon_600x700

It's Alive!

Eaten Alive ferment hand cut Chinese leaf, raw vegetables and Korean chilli flakes for around 3 weeks to create their award-winning Kimchi. Kimchi contains probiotics which help to promote digestion, regulate cholesterol, boost the immune system and it’s known to prevent cancer through its powerful flavonoids. We eat this punchy Kimchi raw; either with cheese, alongside a meal or slapped in a burger.


Who knew chocolate could be so healthy?

Adams ethically source the finest Criollo cacao beans, which they ‘cold press’ and combine with carefully selected superfoods, to create their decadent organic, vegan chocolates. Cold pressing protects the beans precious minerals and macro-nutrients whilst maintaining the cacao’s complex flavour layers and rich aromas.


...The perfect winter warmer

This time of the year is brilliant for locally sourced game such as Venison, Pheasant, Wild Duck and Partridge. Often used in ‘one-pot-wonder’ dishes, game has a beautiful rich flavour and is extremely lean and rich in protein. Two of our favourite game dishes are The Puffing Billy's Slow Cooked Venison and Catalan Braised Rabbit.

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