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Our Master Butcher's Guide to the perfect steak supper!

Our Master Butcher's Guide to the perfect steak supper!

Posted in Food Hall, Recipes, News, Food & Drink on 04 Feb 2020

If you always stick to sirloin or rely on rump, we challenge you to try something different on the steak front...

All of our steaks are dry-aged for flavour and succulence and I enjoy them for all different reasons.

Tomahawk_Steak_Butcher_Darts_Farm_Devon_600x700Alastair's steak cooking commandments...

  1. Cook the meat only when it is at room temperature.
  2. Season steak well before cooking.
  3. Use butter instead of oil if you are pan frying.
  4. Leave steak to rest after cooking so that the juices are absorbed back into the meat.
  5. Add more salt before serving - steak loves salt!

Rib_Eye_Steak_Butcher_Darts_Farm_Devon_600x700Take your steak to the next level...

with a herb butter

Simply crush some garlic and salt in a pestle and mortar, then mix in chopped soft herbs and butter and mould together. Spoon into clingfilm and roll into a sausage shape and refrigerate to slice into attractive rounds when you are ready to serve.

Know your steak...

Porterhouse Steak (perfect for sharing!)

A double thick T-bone. Best cooked on the grill or pan fried... Alternatively, it's so beautifully trimmed (with very little fat) that you could even confit it.

Sirloin Steak

One of the most delightful steaks. This has a layer of fat running around the eye of the meat to ensure full flavour. Best cooking on the grill or pan fried...especially in a griddle pan which gives it the attractive diamond-patterned grill marks.

Rib-Eye Steak

Found just behind the shoulder blade, this is the cut for those who like a nice bit of flavour as it's marbled with fat all the way through. Dirty on white hot barbecue coals or pan fried with lots of butter, spooning the butter back over as you cook it.

Fillet Steak

The muscle which sits underneath the sirloin doesn't have much of a purpose, which is why it's so tender. Fillet is a special cut because there are only two for every bullock. Best cooked in a pan with butter... if you have the equipment, sous vide it first - low and slow - and finish in the pan.

Entrecote Steak

This is a boneless rib eye which has been trimmed and cut thinly. Best cooked grilled.

Tomahawk Steak (great for sharing!)

A double rib eye steak with the rib bone left in. Good to share as it's a mighty challenge to eat a whole one! Best cooked low and slow. 

Rump Steak

This sits just behind the back legs of the bullock and is the most flavoursome of all steaks. It's less tender than fillet, sirloin and rib eye, but for a punch of flavour it can't be beaten. Best cooked in a full slice (the equivalent of 3 or 4 steaks) - cut after it is cooked to reduce shrinkage and keep it moist.

Hanger Steak

Sometimes known as the Butcher's steak because the good flavour means that the butcher would prefer to keep it for themselves! It is an inexpensive steak and is delicious served rare. Best cooked on the barbie so that you can cook it hot, fast and serve rare.

T-Bone Steak

The sirloin and the fillet are cut through in one piece on the bone in order to combine the flavour of a sirloin with the tenderness of a fillet. Plus you get the bonus of cooking it on the bone which results in great flavour. Best cooked on the grill.


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