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The Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard

The Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard

Posted in Food Hall, News, Food & Drink on 12 Dec 2019

Treat your guests to an indulgent cheeseboard of artisan finds this Christmas. Michael and James Dart share their favourite cheeses and accompaniments for the festive season.


Cornish_Blue_Cheese_Darts_Farm_Devon_600x700Say Cheese

Neal's Yard Colston Bassett Stilton - This is one of our long-time favourites and it pairs perfectly with Churchill's Late Bottled Vintage Port.

Quicke's Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar - No one knows more about cheese than the legendary Mary Quicke; we love the deep flavours of this wonderfully rich and rounded cheddar.

Cornish Gouda - Handcrafted on a small family dairy farm in Cornwall. This cheese is moist and flavourful.

Cornish Blue - The award-winning, creamy blue cheese is handmade in the traditional farmhouse way.

Sharpham Brie - This artisan soft cheese is delightfully creamy and buttery, perfect on a Fine Cheese Company cracker.

Brie Aux Truffle Ile De France - A rich and decadent combination of brie with chopped black truffles.

Cas Arrigoni Pudding Style Gorgonzola - For a melt-in-the-mouth cheese, look no further than this sweet and buttery gorgonzola.


Elegant Accompaniments

Churchill's Late Bottled Vintage Port - 2007 is a fresh and elegant vintage port of very fine quality. An absolute favourite at Christmas.

Bourgogne Aligote Wine - This vibrant wine makes a perfect pairing with charcuterie.

Seggiano Baked Fig Ball - A sweet, sticky fig paste which is delicious with any cheese platter.

Hillside Paste Plum & Port - Fruity, rich and boozy, this pairs perfectly with Cornish Blue.

Otter Vale Devon Chutney - A scrumptious sweet and tangy chutney.

Fine Cheese Company Crackers - A must for any cheeseboard.


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